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Machine to pile the books in required number,Automatic machine to plie hardcover books,Stacking system for books production line. Book stacker with 180 degree rotatiom station, Machine that creates stacks of hard case books.

The VIP Stacker is a simple, easy to use versatile stacker which offers a large variety of applications in the book industry and guarantees high performances on different types of products.
The reliable compensating turning cage provides
gentle handling and stacking of products such as book blocks,
paperbacks and hardcover books.
Incoming books or piles of books are delivered and placed
into a rotating cage from the bottom.
This operation eliminates any friction on the surface of books
and prevents any risk of damage even in the presence
of delicate materials such as small sizes, valuable endpapers
and dust jackets.
When required by the pre-set program (e.g. every two or three cycles),
the cage turns
180 degrees to allow the opposing of the spines.
When the stacking of the programmed number of products has been achieved, the pile is automatically transferred to a delivery conveyor for either removal or further processing.

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