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Vip Gauze, the back stripping machine is used to reinforce the book blocks spine and to apply the gauze .


The Hot melt adhesive is applied by gluing cylinder on the spine of the book blocks

Gluing system with Hot Melt for the spine of book block, Back stripping machine, Gluing machine with Hot melt to reinforce the spine of the book block,Back lining machine to glue the gauze on the spine of the book blocks
Application station of the cold glue onto the gauze,Back stripping machine for the book block, Gluing cylinder with cold glue for the gauze, Bookbinding gauze,Gluing machine for book blocks spine,,Back lining machine to glue the gauze on the spine of the book blocks

The second gluing cylinder applies cold glue directly onto the gauze before it is glued to the spine of the book blocks.

Note that our competitors use gauze roll , they trim it at the top and automatically cut it according the desired width. In this case, two disc cylinders are used to spread the adhesive on the two sides of the book blocks. This method is noted for its problem of glue distribution. Furthermore, this technology limits the possibility to use the machine also for the production of notepads and notebooks.

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Automatic Cutting station of the gauze

The application of the gauze takes place continuously on the book blocks, slightly spaced from each other but united by the gauze up to the separation station where the rotating blade cuts the gauze.

After further pressing  of the book blocks with gauze, the book blocks are lay down directly in the delivery station for the next processing.

Pressing station of the book block with the gauze



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Children's Board Book

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