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Vip Endpaper  Endpapering Machine


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End paper feeder for book block, Machine to apply end sheets onto book block. Two end sheets feeder with gripper,sucion cups and roller. Automatic machiene to apply end paper on the spine of the book blocks
Book block with two end papers

The book blocks, fed by sewing machine, are transported in inclined way, in this way it is possible to work with very fine thickness book blocks ( up to 3 mm). If the book blocks were transported vertically , it would be necessary to perform a set up with adjustments of side guide.

Two gluing discs apply cold adhesive to the both sides of the book blocks to attach the endpapers. Using the gluing discs, as it was done traditionally, guarantees an easier adjustment of amount of glue and allows to achieve an uniform glue spreading. Backward, we do not use a nozzle  because of its lower quality of glue spreading system.

The two end sheet feeding systems have delivery gripper, suction cups  and  roller. End sheets are applied in an inclined way to assure a good positioning on the book blocks, in this way it is not necessary to perform an adjustment of the side guide.

The transmision chain of the book block and the endpaper was replaced by a double belt that keeps sicured the book blocks and the endpapers in their position for the next steps.



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Children's Board Book



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