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Vip Modulo  Automatic Casing-in Machine

Casing-in machine for high speed production, Automatic book production line, High performance casing-in system for hardcover books,,Machines that are used to casing-in book blocks and book covers.

The particularity of the Vip Modulo casing-in machine, unlike traditional casing-in machine, is that the glue

is applied to the cover board instead of book blocks.  This particularity, used by our company since 1992 for the special machines, allows to produce very fine thickness books (up to 2 mm).

The workflow of Vip Modulo casing-in machine is: feeding a hardcover case, integrated cover o paperboard cover,

then applying adhesive on the cover board using the two gluing guns of Hot melt  to ensure a good placement with the book blocks.

The next step is delivering the cover to the gluing station, where the cold glue is applied on the COVER BOARD

by glue cylinder with pad. The thickness of glue on the cylinders is adjustable.
When the Vip Modulo casing-in machine is in stand by mode, the glue continues to circulate in the gluing system.


Applying process of the cover to the book blocks:
1. the book block is placed into the first cover board
2. the next step is lifting the second cover board, turning around it and finally

    press the book with the cover
3. the next step is making the joint forming  on the book using

    the heated blades.

Because of the previous application of the Hot melt on the cover board, the book can be handled imediatly

without any risk of damaging by either stacker or palletizing robots.

Applying the cover to the book block, Hardcover book, Casing-in system for perfectly aligned book block with cover,machine for bookbinding production,Machine for the production offset or digitally printed hardcover books
metticopertina vuoto-cover feeder.jpg

Cover feeder 
Feeder for:

*Hard covers;
*Padded hard covers;
*Die-cut covers on the inside;
*Soft covers.

Gluing station to apply the glue directly onto the cover,Machine for the production offset or digitally printed hardcover books,Application of the glue onto the cover, Machines that are used to case-in book blocks and book covers.

Gluing unit
*Cold glue application through gluing cylinder directly onto the cover;
*Applicators with single adhesive quantity regulation;
*Automatic water cleaning system;


Automatic book block feeding machine for the production of hardback books, Book block introduction system for casing-in process. Automatic casing-in machine for books with hardback covers, casing station with cover feeder and book blocks

Book block feeder
*"Non-Stop" feeder;
*Board book block feeding for belt  transmission;
*Book block positioning onto the first lid;
*Mechanic mounting with the cover.

Machine for gluing the book block with the cover, Machine for the production of hardback books, Automatic line for gluing the cover with the book block,Casing-in production line.

Casing-in system
*Perfectly aligned positioning of the book block onto the first lid;
*Unit for the lifting of the second lid;
*Unit for the closing of the book block with the second lid;
*Pre-pressing unit.

Joint forming station to produce hardcover books, Automatic machine to make joint on the book, Full automatic line with joint forming unit to produce hard case cover book,Casing-in station with joint forming unit to produce hardcover books, soft cover books and othe similar product

Joint forming station
*Joint forming timing regulation;
*Joint forming temperature regulation;
*Pressing timing regulation.



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