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 The VIP Book line is an automatic solution for the production of hardcover books. Thanks to the quick and easy setup and format change, it can be used for medium and large runs.


The Vip Book Line is composed of:

  • Vip Block unit which consists in: Vip Endpaper – automatic book block endpapering machine and Vip Gauze – back stripping machine

  • Vip Dragon – splitting saw for two-up and three-up production

  • Vip Tris – automatic three-knife trimmer machine

  • Vip Modulo – automatic casing-in machine

  • Vip Stacker -stacking machine

                                                        Vip Block is composed of: Vip Endpaper and Vip Gauze

Vip Block glues two endpapers onto book block and reinforces the spine of the book block by gluing the gauze/paper.

Vip Block can be connected in line with other machines or work autonomously.

Vip Endpaper machine is composed of:

  • 14-inch touch screen control panel

  • Book block feeding station which can be connected in line with sewing machine

  • Sloped conveyor belt

  • Two end sheets feeding system with delivery grippers, suction cups and roller

  • End sheets gluing station with cold glue.  

Endpapering machine for book block, End paper feeder. End paper unit for book block, Two end sheet feeding system,End paper applying machine. End paper gluing machine.End sheet automatic machine with cold glue.
End paper feeder for book block, Machine to apply end sheets onto book block. Two end sheets feeder with gripper,sucion cups and roller. Automatic machiene to apply end paper on the spine of the book blocks
End paper applying system on the book block. Applying process of the end sheets on the book blocks.The work process of the endpapering machine. End sheet paper for bookbinding.

Vip Gauze machine is composed of:

  •  Spine gluing system with Hot melt

  •  Gauze gluing station

  • Book block pressing system

  • Book block delivery on the belt or connection with three-knife trimmer

  •  Remote services assistance is available as a standard and it also has Web connectivity to oversee production and request a ‘’live’’ support from our technicians in case it is necessary.

Gauze gluing machine for book block, Spine gluing system for book block, Back stripping for book block. Back lining machine,Back lining machine to glue the gauze on the spine of the book blocks,Gluing machine with Hot melt to reinforce the spine of the book block.
Gluing application system onto the gauze by gluing cylinder,Back lining machine to glue the gauze on the spine of the book blocks,Back Stripping Machine for hardcover book production
Back stripping machine for the book block, Gluing cylinder with cold glue for the gauze, Bookbinding gauze,Gluing machine for book blocks spine,,Back lining machine to glue the gauze on the spine of the book blocks,Gauze applying system for book block

                                                                      VIP DRAGON Automatic Splitting saw machine

Vip Dragon is an automatic machine for splitting book blocks and bound books produced in multiple stacks. The division is performed with the saws in rotation. It is equipped with one or two saws to obtain two or three book blocks or paperboard cover books at the output.The production can be done in two-up or three–up in case there is a large size of format.


Vip Dragon can be connected in line with other machines, where the division of the book blocks/books is required.

If the machine works offline, it is possible to equip it with an automatic book feeder.

Vip Dragon machine is suitable for big printing houses and medium-sized companies that produce advertising products, children's books.

Splitting Saw machine cuts perfect-bound products or thread sewn book blocks,Automatic splitting saw machine, Off line or in-line splitting saw machine to devide perfect bound book blocks,Automatic machine for dividing book blocks or books with softcover case  products into multiple slats
Full automatica book splitting saw systems that performs the separation of the book blocks.Two-up or three-up production increase the capacity of hardcover books poduction,Splitting saw machine for perfect bound or hardcover books or thread sewn book blocks

                                                                                VIP TRIS Three-knife trimmer

The three-knife trimmer recieves the books one by one from the delivery chain, then piles them up in required number of book blocks  (up to 100mm of height), and then performs three sides cutting.

The pre-stacking of the books greatly increases productivity.

The particular characteristics of the Vip Tris:

  • min book block size 80x100mm

  • motorized format changeover

  • double cut function which consists in making for the first time three sides cut, then, after changing the format automatically by a few mm, making the second three sides cut. This function is very important to achieve a high-quality product.

  • the possibility to use the machine in semi-automatic way

  • the ability to cut and return the book block to the operator (for the control operation of changing format and quality)

Three sides cutting machine for book blocks, Three-knife-trimme for book block with double cut function, Full automatic solution for three sides cutting of book blocks, Three knife trimmer machine for cutting books, softcover case and similar products,Book cuting machine with automatic set-up

                                                                       Vip Modulo Automatic Casing-in  machine

The automatic casing-in machine  can be used to produce books with different kind of covers like:

  • Soft covers;

  • Integrated (binding)  / Holland covers;

  • Paperboard covers;

  • Padded hard covers;

  • Die-cut covers on the inside

Unlike traditional casing-in machines, Vip Modulo applies the glue to the cover board instead of book blocks.  This particularity, used by our company since 1992 for the special machines, allows to produce books with very fine thickness (up to 3 mm).

Casing-in machine for high speed production, Automatic book production line, High performance casing-in system for hardcover books,,Machines that are used to casing-in book blocks and book coversAutomatic casing-in machine for books with hardback covers, casing station with cover feeder and book blocks

                                                                                     VIP STACKER

The VIP Stacker offers a large variety of applications in the book industry and thanks to its versatility guarantees high performances on different types of products. The reliable compensating turning cage provides gentle handling and stacking of products such as book blocks, paperbacks and hardcover books. This operation eliminates any friction on the surface of books and prevents any risk of damage even in the presence of delicate materials such as small sizes, valuable endpapers and dust jackets. When required by the pre-set program (e.g. every two or three cycles), the cage turns 180 degrees to allow the opposite of the spines. When the stacking of the programmed number of products has been achieved, the pile is automatically transferred to a delivery conveyor for either removal or further processing.

Machine to pile the books up in required number,Automatic machine to plie hardcover books,Stacking system for books production line. Book stacker with 180 degree rotatiom station, Machine that creates stacks of hard case books.

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